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June 11, 2018
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Bringing An Ailing Business In To The 21st Century With The Help Of A Remodeling And Construction Company In AZ
September 13, 2018
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After years living with a drab kitchen, Alongi Construction, who offer remodeling and construction in Arizona, brought the heart of our home back to life.


Feeling Wary

Since we moved into our seven bed, family home fourteen years ago we have renovated the bathrooms twice and the kitchen once plus we have redone the bedrooms a number of times and completely re-landscaped the gardens.

Due to this experience with home renovations I know what I am looking for when it comes to finding a company for remodeling and construction in Arizona. My aim is to always use the best companies for the job, but so many people make promises on time, money or results which they simply don’t keep, so I was wary as we went in to this new work!


Fresh Ideas

The kitchen had been done about seven years before Alongi Construction came in to do this refit, and though it was still functional, I found the colour and design of the cabinets to be too heavy and old fashioned for my taste now. Also, I had been researching ways of better using the space and Alongi Construction had some great ideas such as large double doors opening into a hidden pantry with racks on the inside of the doors, and since everything they suggested looked so slick and smart we just went for it!

Brining The Outside In

Some years ago we had a large extension across the back of the kitchen with long sliding doors which gave a wonderful sense of the outside coming in. Our beautiful garden is East facing meaning our skylights in the extension roof bring in such wonderful light between 10am and 3pm and I really wanted to make the most use of that natural light by ensuring everything was bright and white in the kitchen, including the cupboards and the countertops, and Alongi Construction gave me design ideas that really fit the bill.


Researching Remodeling And Construction In Arizona

After doing research for remodeling and construction in Arizona I ended up finding Alongi Construction through a friend, and, having met them and spoken to them, and after receiving a free quote we decided that they were the company for us.

Though I had been wary before the work began due to prior experiences with other construction companies, the work itself was done without stress or effort. All our furniture was either moved out or covered and the team got to work in no time. It made such a difference to have a team who seemed to really care and whose work was steady, accurate and professional – we really appreciated it.

The completed kitchen was done to our exact specifications and beautiful down to the last detail. Their advice on the latest styles and ways to make every aspect of the kitchen more functional yet still attractive was great and now we have got rid of our old outdated kitchen, we just love entertaining in this bright and cheerful space!


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