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Fantastic Remodeling and Construction in Arizona Gave Our Kitchen A New Lease Of Life
August 21, 2018
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When my parents retired and passed on their store in to us, my partner and I decided to give the place a whole new lease of life through the use of a well respected and local remodeling and construction company in A Z.

Business had been very quiet in recent years and it was getting worse each year.  Like any business, it needed some time and attention and an injection of money which my parents simply had not been able to offer.  It had been their livelihood for over three decades and they had poured themselves into, but it had become extremely outdated was losing money every single day.  We even considered closing it but I knew that would break their hearts.  We were getting desperate for a solution, and so we decided on a total revamp to give it a new lease of life!

The Challenge Begins

Due to the fact that the building was old, we knew the job could potentially be a challenge as we were limited to how much change we could make to the internals of the space but we knew that something must be possible!

The current layout though simply did not make a positive first impression upon its new, modern clients, despite the fact that when the store first opened thirty-five years ago it was brand new and ‘of its time’.  We realised that we had been working around the space rather than making the space work to our needs, so we quickly began researching for a respected and experienced remodeling and construction company in A Z.

Finding The Right Company For The Job

We did some online research as well as looking for recommendations of a remodeling and construction company in A Z on local social media pages.

Alongi Construction came up and they were also recommended by people on social media who had used them for large home renovations, so they were one remodeling and construction company in A Z of four whom we called in to offer us an assessment.

We could tell right away that they were experienced and as we walked through the store together, they were clearly aware of the limitations.  They gave us realistic suggestions as to how a few slight changes would really improve the design and layout of the space, making it far more accessible and appealing to new clients without alienating the original clients who still enjoyed shopping there.

Feeling Like New

After this meeting, Alongi Construction was our chosen remodeling and construction company in A Z and we feel we made the right decision.

The difference in the layout has transformed the outdated store, and both old and new customers alike comment on how fresh, bright and airy the space is now.  Even the staff are looking and sounding far more enthusiastic and best of all, it feels like a brand new start for our modern day business.

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